Dr. (Capt.) D. K. Sinha President

It is a common saying that Bengalees love to form Associations,Kali Mandirs or Durgabaris to the extent that if three Bengalis meet on the South Pole they will first form either an Association or a Kali Bari. So it is not a wonder that there are innumerable Associations or Kalibaris in our country. Some of them in Bengali dominated areas; some are in places where Bengalis are real minorities, or even at places where they are countable in fingers. The aims of these Associations are divergent and varied, may be religious, political, cultural, linguistic, social or any aspect of life which needs three persons to think together  

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Bengalee Association, Bihar is the central organization representing 14 lakh Bengali speaking population of Bihar. This Association was registered as per Societies Registration Act on 7th April 1938. The famous Legal luminary of Patna High Court, Barrister Late Priya Ranjan Das (P.R.Das) was the first President.

The Aims of the Association are:-

    (a) To promote unity, solidarity, co-operation and fellowship between the Banglabhashis and other communities in Bihar.

    (b) Conserve the Bengali language and its culture.

    (c) Safeguard the rights given to Bengali as a linguistic minority by the Constitution of India and State laws.

    (d) Establish, acquire, affiliate and maintain educational, cultural and philanthropic institution.

    (e) Assist and preserve existing educational and cultural institution, established and managed by the Bengalis of the State of Bihar.